MAYHEM. Ordo Ad Chao LP Gatefold Ampliar

MAYHEM. Ordo Ad Chao LP Gatefold


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Black vinyl 2nd press at 400 copies

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12" black vinyl in sturdy printed inner sleeve in gatefold. Second pressing to 400 copies worldwide.

The world’s most evil, infamous and important black metal band summons up the highly anticipated “Ordo Ad Chao” (translation: Order from Chaos). Featuring the return of vocalist Attila Csihar, who appeared on the band’s pivotal album “De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas”, this album will serve to strengthen the band’s legacy as they emerge more vicious and vital then ever. The weak bands currently plaguing the Black Metal scene are sure to be exposed and exterminated as “Ordo Ad Chao” not only crowns 2007’s “Best of” lists but the “Best of All Time” lists as well.

Side A
A Wise Birthgiver / Wall Of Water / Great Work Of Ages / Deconsecrate

Side B
Illuminate Eliminate / Psychic Horns / Key To The Storms / Anti

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