SKÅNSKA MORD. Skånska Mord 12 EP Black Ampliar

SKÅNSKA MORD. Skånska Mord 12 EP Black

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45 RPM. If you missed out on SKÅNSKA MORD's earlier releases - you can't let this one slip thru your fingers. This is their first release on Transubstans, a 4 track EP released on black / solid white 12' vinyl. Recorded at Lemon Recording Studios with engineer Martin Ekelund, this EP is the brilliant follow-up to their two critically acclaimed albums The Last Supper (2010) and Paths To Charon (2012). Once again, SKÅNSKA MORD proves the winning concept of blending one of the strongest voices in Swedish rock history together with the dynamic, blues, psychedelic and hard-riffing tunes that practically steams 70's groove. From the opening track Illusion to the fantastic cover of JANNE SCHAFFER's Black Salad (with a guest appearance by JANNE SCHAFFER himself), you will for sure get your dose of the pick me up SKÅNSKA MORD always deliver.

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