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Flipping over rocks in the darkest corners of the underground isn't a job for the feint of heart. Many times what squirms underneath deserves to stay there. But every once in awhile, some colorful creature like MOHO rears up and hisses, spitting some gloriously heavy concoction right in our eye. It's a wonderful experience. Madrid's MOHO garnered a lot of attention a few back years back with their full-length Shifty debut '20 Uñas', a superbly raw, nasty slab of primal sludge metal. Shame on us for not keeping up with 'em (missing out on some EPs and a full-length), because judging from the quality of 'Chotacabra', their unique style of death sludge hasn't lost it's lethal edge. Fans of traditional sludge may be taken aback by the band's approach: There aren't any cheezy movie samples, and squealing feedback filler is all but non-existent. Instead, the roaring bass of Iñaki and filthy guitar tones of Ral vault from the speakers, weaving hazy, black, evil trudges bolstered by the deft drumming of Edu (the real lynchpin of the MOHO sound). It's a very non-gimmicky record, Iñaki's sparse use of his gargling, hellish vocals suggest their primary focus is on great riffs and dramatic changes. It's also obvious in tracks like 'Gargantor' and 'Terror Ultramarino' that these boys love their SLAYER and maybe some Swedish death metal, the slow, bouncing grooves often accelerating into storming, tritone-driven rifferama. 'Anciago' is the pick of the litter, a hypnotic 16+ minute jaunt down dark waters propelled by thundering drums and riffs that never wear out their welcome. Don't sweat the import price for this one, because the repeat spins will pay for themselves quickly. For sludge metal that delivers the murk without sacrificing musicianship, MOHO is pretty much unbeatable.

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