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HERETOIR. Substanz (LP Blue)

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Gatefold blue vinyl + A3 poster.

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Substanz is not the new Heretoir studio album but a compilation of the original recording of the debut demo/EP ".Existenz." 
+ additional old tracks on CD 1, and a re-recording of completely revised and improved ".Existenz." songs on CD 2, recorded 
between 2011 and 2012 in Forester Recording Studio Munich. 

The EP has been re-recorded because Eklatanz felt the need to give the old material a modern and more suitable sound and 
to show what Heretoir has turned into, by also adding new elements to the songs. Furthermore, the new recording represents 
the first involvement of bassist and backing-vocalist Nathanael (Thränenkind, Bonjour Tristesse, Agrypnie) in terms of 
composition (track “Snow Colours”). 

Thematically, “Substanz” deals with isolation, dream & reality, and fears. “What is man without soul?” is only one of the 
many existential questions that are raised in Eklatanz’ lyrics. The goal of the release is to arouse the listener’s awareness, 
encouraging him or her to reflect on one’s own existence. 

Thus, in its new, improved form and not least because of the atmospheric artwork drawn by Herbst of Lantlôs, “Substanz” 
represents an intense and widespread engagement with the abysses of the human soul, lyrically, auditory as well as visually. 

features the tracks from CD 2 as well as an exclusive vinyl-only bonus track, a cover of Austere's "Just For A Moment". 

1. Aura 

2. Erwachen im Dunkel 

3. Ein Schrey in die Nacht 

4. Verblasst 

5. Ausgeburt 

6. Herbstwind 

7. Snow Colours 

8. Just For A Moment

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