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For quite some time guitarist Jarno Salomaa (Shape Of Despair, ex-Rapture) and vocalist Ilpo Paasela (The Chant) had spoken about putting together a band that would reflect the vulnerability and the certain atmosphere of the 90's. Such groups as early Katatonia, Paradise Lost and October Tide had made all-ghanging impact on both in their youth. Finally, in early 2015 the line-up was completed with Tomi Ullgren (Shape of Despair, Impaled Nazarene) on guitars, Sameli Köykkä (ex-Colosseum) on drums and Markus Forsström (The Chant) on bass. Counting Hours was born.

The main thing was that all had similar thoughts on what kind of feelings and views the music can arouse. The first and so far only demo was recorded in summer/autumn 2016. Part of the material Jarno had written already in the late 90's before parting ways with Rapture and the other part came alive later. The untitled demo cd sold out fast but chance to re-release it on vinyl came in 2018 through label The Vinyl Division. The road to perdition will also go on as there's new material coming. Exit all false!

1. Saviour
2. To Exit All False
3. Buried In The White (Extended version)
4. Wintry Insight

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