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FOOZ. Fooz II:space is dark.. CD

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This current release wants to introduce 2 recordings in just one cd, as a re-release from a great debut album (Fooz) and secondly, a whole vision of their short musical career. Fooz II: Space is Dark..., Is more than a tribute or compilation. The release includes all the songs recorded by FOOZ in their 4 years of existence. The release can be divided in 2 stages: The first one, in order of appearance, introduces the acoustic recordings that would have become an EP, to be released before their second album (that never was recorded), or to be used like b sides for future singles or different releases. 6 tracks, that include 3 revisited songs from their first album Fooz, 1 previously unreleased track even in an electric treatment (There's a Place), that now is included on this edition, plus 2 amazing covers ( Hawkwind's Space is Deep and Pink Floyd's Astronomy Domine, 2 essential bands to understand Fooz's main influences since their early days, also with The Who and Black Sabbath. The new covers of inner and outer tracks recorded by FOOZ, told us about the posibilities and versatility of a band that could reach much further than they really did. The likes for improvisation, or how easy they catch the vibe to cover other' songs in order to make them easily recognizable as Fooz' songs, but being loyal to the original versions at the same time. The second stage, belongs to Fooz, first album release. The current release includes the original mixes, rawer than the one released in 2001. This new release also includes 3 previously unreleased tracks, never included on Fooz: There's a Place, Leaf Tale y Flower's on Me. Fooz final master left out these 3 tracks that deserved to be released as well, being included in the same track order just before the final cut that left them out.

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