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BLACK NASA is lead by frontman and bass-God Chris Kosnik, who cut his teeth in 90's Shorecore heavies GODSPEED. But he's best known as chief songwriter as blistering jam kings THE ATOMIC BITCHWAX, who spent a half-donzen years tearing down every lazy-ass preconception and retro stereotype that modern riff-rock has been saddled with. Kosnik's sights are now set on mainstream hard rock. The band's second album, DEUCE, is a veritable arsenal of undeniable hooks and dead-on delivery, ready to fire up every rock fan whose patience for today's angst-by-numbers Nu-lite paps is at its end. Just 9 tracks and 35 minutes of rock, whatever you want put add with. A rock that comes from the same roots than their previous album, but in the end emerges like sounding some different kind of hard rock. Amazing chorus you'll find at Kamikaze or Thanks anyway, 2 tracks becoming one of those success of this new year for the rock press. 2 perfect hit-singles, 2 songs that will see the band getting big. BLACK NASA go a step forward from what's classic stoner rock is, the same from bands like FU-MANCHU made great, even when Thanks anyway let you see that the usual stoner rock type formula gives up something close to the real thing, from time to time.

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